The Bunsai is a mystical tree that grows in the deep woodlands of the Appalachian Mountains. The natives would hike down into the deepest valley and follow the flow of the waterfalls to a remote island in the very center of a rushing river where the Bunsai has stood for thousands of years. Legend has it, locals would come to the Bunsai Tree to ask for advice on how to farm the lands, which hillsides were the best for hunting, where to follow the trout migration, and how to predict the changes in weather patterns. For those not as in tune with nature, the Bunsai looked a lot like any other tree in the forest, but for those who understood the ways of the river and calls of the raven, they knew to look deeper, beyond its bark facade. When they brought offerings of carrots to the tree, her trunk would transform into the shape of a wise old rabbit. The rabbit sage would share with the natives her knowledge of the lands, the lakes, and the sky. The exact location has been lost to the ages, but in the early morning hours just as the sun reaches the tip of the lowest mountain in the valley, you can hear the soft but distinct nibbling of a carrot.